Atelier Pension KIKI




Address 1053-12531 Kanbara, Tsumagoi village, Gunma prefecture 377-1615, Japan
TEL 0279-86-5131(+81-279-86-5131)
FAX 050-5578-5807(+81-50-5578-5807)
Guests arriving by train
(From Tokyo)
■JR Hokuriku Shinkansen "Karuizawa Station" North Exit → Get off Bus for Kusatsu "Onioshidashien Station" Get off → Pickup (about 20 minutes)
■Get off at JR Agatsuma line "Manza Kazawaguchi Station" → Pickup (15 minutes)
※Pick up service to "Onioshidashien station"/"Manza Kazawaguchi station" is free. Please inform us at the time of reservation if you wish to pick up. Also please let us know your arrival time in advance.
■JR Hokuriku Shinkansen Karuizawa Station North Exit → Pickup (about 50 minutes)
※ It takes 1,500 yen for one way to pick up to "Karuizawa station". (Up to 6 people can ride with the same price)
◎Due to the recent shorting of staff, we will temporarily stop the pickup service during the busy season (2019/4/26〜2019/5/3 and 2019/7/1〜2019/9/30). We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding of our situation.
Guests arriving by car
(From Tokyo)
■Enter the Kanetsu Expressway from the Nerima Interchange, enter the Joetsu Expressway at Fujioka Junction and get off the Usui Karuizawa interchange.
When you leave Usui Karuizawa interchange, please go to Onioshi highway for about 40 minutes. (Karuizawa bypass → National Route 18 → National Route 146 (Japan Romantic Road))
Next, please go to the Onioshi Highway in the Manza direction. Please turn left at the next intersection (the intersection with the Prefectural Route 235) past the second toll gate.
After that, proceed through the prefectural highway 235, turn left at the roundabout panorama line, and turn left at the next intersection.
Since the signboard of the atelier pension KIKI stands everywhere, please refer to it. Also, please call us if you get lost.

Reservation status

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