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(Option) Barbecue course

(Option) Barbecue course
BBQ Supplies Set BBQ Basic set 3,300yen
1 unit of Weber original kettle charcoal grills (with BBQ grill mesh) diameter 57 cm
1 box of refrigerating box for foodstuffs / 1 box of refrigerating box for drinks / ice
Two cooking tongs / Two coal tongs
The same number of tableware (dish / glass cup / chopsticks / forks / knives) as guests
Please use Armchair, table, tent, umbrella, bench, and water server by sharing with other guests.
Garbage bag and garbage collection service is attached.
Charcoal Weber Charcoal Briquettes (Made of 100% all natural hardwood charcoal)<2kg> 770yen
Charcoal Briquettes from Sawdust<2kg> 550yen
Ignition agent is free of charge.
Outdoor gas cooktop Outdoor gas stove that can be used even on windy days 550yen
※Only available to guests staying.
※Foodstuffs will guide you nearby foodstuff shops, so prepare your favorite ingredients.
※It is also possible to reserve all seats and use them.
 In the case of reserving all seats and use them, the price of BBQ Basic set will be 2.5 times.(Of course, you can use 2.5 times BBQ supplies.)
※Please make a reservation in advance by call or fax exclusive reservation application form. Please fill in the remarks column of the fax-only reservation application form and apply.
 In addition, if the schedule is vacant, you can use it. please ask the reception desk by the day before.

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