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Tourist Attractions / Leisure Facilities

Karuizawa Outlet Shopping Plaza
Karuizawa's largest huge shopping mall.
It is divided into New West and East. Since not only for shopping but also "IMAX Theater" and "Restaurant town", you can enjoy it all day here.
Old Karuizawa Ginza
There are plenty of shops including handmade jams, folk crafts, artist shops, and you can enjoy shopping and dining. The show house memorial hall, the former Mikasa hotel, the famous tennis court as a romance place of the Emperor and Empress of the Emperor are also highlights.
There are lots of museums such as Karuizawa picture book Mori Art Museum, Peine Art Museum, Fukazawa Kouko Wild Flowers Art Museum, Saison Contemporary Art Museum, Erz Toy Museum, Karuizawa Le Van Museum, Karuizawa Takahara Bunko, Wakita Art Museum, Tazaki Art Museum.
Remains of the Asama volcano eruption. The name of this rocky mountain came from the impression of the eruption people saw at the time. They felt "The ogre went out at the crater and extruded the rock". Because it is a place on the way to the pension, please visit there as possible.
Asama Volcano Museum
Asama Volcano Museum The history of the eruption of Mount Asama, the flora and fauna, the volcano distribution of the world, the mechanism by which the earthquake occurs, etc. are introduced in detail by the 360 degree panoramic model and image. Produce lava blows and smoke by computer control, so you can enjoy realistic volcanic activities with eyes and ears.
Shiraito Falls
At the Shiraito Falls, the clear stream is running down the rock wall like a myriad of yarns. The water source of the waterfall is groundwater stored in majestic Mount Asama.In the early summer, fresh green, in the fall, red or yellow leaves, in the winter, snow scenery, and other seasonal nature and waterfall much together and make more beautiful scenery.
Asama ranch Teahouse
Asama ranch Teahouse near the entrance of Asama ranch is a leisure spot where you can enjoy while watching the vast ranch. In small animal plaza you can interact with cute animals such as sheep, goats, rabbits and ponies.
Toy Kingdom
Pavilions of domestic famous toy makers are scattered inside the lush garden, and it is recommended for families as there are many toys that tickle children's curiosity, such as nostalgic things and new products. Attractions are also popular.
kanbara Kannondo
Kannondo means temple to enshrine kannon. At the time of Mount Asama volcanic eruption torrent of lava filled the village, 477 villagers became victims, but 93 who escaped to Kannondo on the hill escaped the difficulties. Since then, kannnon of kanbara has been believed as a protect somebody against evils, and it become one of the village symbol.
Asakama Highland Shakunage Garden
Shakunage means subgenus Hymenanthes among Rhododendron. The view of the Asama Highlands, and 150,000 rhododendrons spreading at the foot of Mount Asama, North Karuizawa, Tsumagoi, are so beautiful. There are a hiking course and the rhododendron spread widely from the parking lot. The best time to see is from mid May to early June.
Tsutsuji no yu (Hot springs of rhododendron)
A hot spring located in Tsutsujigaoka (rhododendron hills) ranch. It is a natural hot spring in Tsumagoi, which has effects on recovery from fatigue and health promotion such as neuralgia, muscle pain and chronic gynecological illness. There is open-air bath, sauna and bedrock bath. Also, there is space to relax such as dining room and tatami.
Mount shirane
If you climb a few minutes on foot from the Asama Shirane Volcano Route, you will definitely be impressed when you reach the majestic crater. Lake Caldera of Emerald green is a must-see. At around mid-July the alpine plants are in full bloom.
Kusatsu Onsen (Kusatsu Hot springs)
Kusatsu Onsen Kusatsu hot springs boasts the highest amount of hot water in Japan as a hot springs that springs naturally. It has been said that any disease other than love disease will be healed, and it was introduced as one of the world's premier health resort area by Dr. Balz of Germany in 1896.
Manza Onsen (Manza Hot springs)
The Manza hot springs in the altitude of 1,800m, there is located in the third highest hot spring resortplace in Japan. The air is very clear, and the ingredients of the hot springs are strong, and it is a typical hot springs resort in Japan where it has been said that is effective against gastrointestinal diseases and neuralgia from long ago.
Lake Baraghi
At the foot of Mount Asama, there is a lake that Circumference is 2km in the Baraghi plateau at an altitude of 1,400m. You can enjoy fishing (bate fishing, fly fishing, lure fishing) and boating. In the vicinity of the lake, you can see mountain grasses and Wetland plants.
Yunomaru plateau
In late June, 1 million Rhododendron molle subsp bloom, there are heaven of alpine plants until late August. You can picnic forest of white birch, there are Cows are put out to pasture. In fall, you can enjoy Red or yellow leaves, mushrooms, mountain chestnuts, mountain grape hunting and so on.
Nozori lake
Nozori Lake is an artificial lake in Kuni village, it is a beautiful lake located at an altitude of 1,500m and being quite cool in the midsummer, with a superb view. It will take about 1 hour from the pension, but I'd like you to visit there.
Shiriyaki hot springs
Shiriyaki means grilling ass. In the Shiriyaki hot springs, the river itself is a hot springs and you can enjoy the river play and bathing together. It is "free bathing", but there isn't locker room. Since it is mixed bathing, don't forget your bathing suits. Its feeling of release can not be tasted elsewhere.
Anajigoku means Hole of hell. Iron ore deposit trace of Nakanojo town in Gumma prefecture "Chatsubomigoke Park" is registered the Ramsar Convention as part of the Yoshidaira wetland group. Here, a strongly acidic hot springs springs out from several places, and there are smell of hydrogen sulfide pervaded and it is called "holl of hell". It is also a natural treasure of the country, a kind of moss known as 'World's most acid resistant' is populated.

Ski Resort Information

Kazawa snow area

There are plenty of powder snow in the course of a total length of 2 km, and many competitions are held.
In addition to be able you to use the long season slipping from the middle of November to the middle of May, since it is often used at the Games, there is a reputation for course maintenance and condition creation.It is composed of two areas: highland slope and kaman slope. In the highland slope, paul burn and snow park etc are installed,and you can enjoy it for a wide range from beginner to advanced. In the kaman slope, gentle slope continues is installed, and it is recommended for beginners.

■Number of courses:13 courses ■Maximum slope degree 34° ■Maximum length course 2km ■Maximum peak 1850m ■Altitude difference 500m ■Number of lift:Quad 1 unit / Pair 6 units / Single 1 unit ■Parking area 1200 units capacity ■Ski / Snowboard school Yes ■Ski / Snowboard / Wear hire available
Tashiro 1017 Tsumagoi Village, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture, 377-1614 TEL:+81-279-98-0611

Palcall Tsumagoi Ski Resort

It is Kanto's largest class ski slopes that have all 15 courses.!
There are many course variation satisfying from beginner to advanced, includiing the longest gondola of Kanto, long clusing course full length of 4.5 km, Beginner slopes with a width of 100m, a panoramic course where you can enjoy superb views, a variety of technical courses. Also,there are a course that maximum slope is 26 degrees. Location is perfect to see magnificent view of Asama, Shirane and Manza. It is Big Scale Resort boasting the largest scale in the Kanto when add two adjacent ski resorts.

■Number of courses:15 courses ■Maximum slope 26° ■Maximum length course 4.5km ■Maximum peak 2100m ■Altitude difference 730m ■Number of lift:gondola 1 unit / Quad 2 unit / Pair 3 units ■Parking area 2100 units capacity ■Ski / Snowboard school Yes ■With wear rental
Baragi Plateau, Hoshimata, Tsumagoi Village, Agatsuma-gun, Gumma Prefecture, 377-1611 TEL:+81-279-96-1177

Manza hot springs ski resort

Snow paradise of good quality snow and wonderful view.
It is a wide skiing ground which spread at the Altitude 1750m - 2000m from Shirane volcano to manza, and is blessed with high quality snow quality throughout the season. All 12 courses extending from the two peaks are for the beginner and intermediater. course is slippery and well-maintained, night course is fantastic. Also forest course that you can see soft rimes is so beautiful. There is a tour course to Shiga Kogen and Kusatsu, so you can enjoy enough from beginner to advanced.

■Number of courses:12 courses ■Maximum slope degree 32° ■ Maximum length course 1.5km ■Maximum peak 2000m ■Altitude difference 350m ■Number of lift:Quad 1 unit / Pair 5 units ■Parking area 1200 units capacity ■Ski / Snowboard school Yes ■With rental
Manza Hot Springs, Tsumagoi Village in Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture, 377-1595 TEL:+81-279-97-3117

Asama 2000 park ski resort

Supreme snow with altitude 2000m.
Asama 2000 park ski resort is located center of the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park of the Gunma / Nagano prefectural border. courses are spread on the northern slope of Takamine Plateau in park. You can see the wonderful view of Mount Asama, Mount Fuji, Yatsugatake, Japan Alps, which can be seen from the top of altitude of 2000m. Takamine Plateau has been known good of snow quality. The sparkle of fog ice that blooms in Malamatsu and the finest powder snow welcome you. The 6 courses that leave the natural environment in good condition is given a variety of layouts so that from beginners to advanced users can enjoy themselves freely.

■Number of courses:6 courses ■Maximum slope degree 25° ■Maximum length course 0.9km ■Maximum peak 2000m ■Altitude difference 170m ■Number of lift:Quad 1 unit / Pair 3 units ■Parking area 700 units capacity ■Ski / Snowboard school Yes ■Wear rental available
Takamine Plateau, Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture, 384-0000 TEL:+81-267-23-1714

Sports etc. Facility information

Tsumagoi Village Sports Park

It is the most beautiful sports facility in Tsumagoi village. There are good condition that The team of the J League and famous domestic players also come to practice.
Only people who live in Tsumagoi village or stay at Tsumagoi village accommodation could use it.
And, because it need a reservation, please call us before booking in case you wish to use.

■Athletics stadium (with lighting) ■Baseball field (with lighting) ■Multipurpose ground ■Tennis court
Oozasa 1-1 Tsumagoi Village, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture, 377-1612 TEL:0279-80-2330

Tsumagoi center

It can be used for meetings, study sessions, handicrafts lessons, cooking lessons.
Only people who live in Tsumagoi village or stay at Tsumagoi village accommodation could use it.
And, because it need a reservation, please call us before booking in case you wish to use.

■Cooking room ■Large hall ■Elderly Game Room
Mihara 691 Tsumagoi Village, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture, 377-1526 TEL:0279-80-2330

Eastern Elementary School / Western Elementary School / Tsumagoi Junior High School

It is possible to use it in a wide range of scenes such as musical instrument performance, cooking class, and arts and crafts work.
Only people who live in Tsumagoi village or stay at Tsumagoi village accommodation could use it.
And, because it need a reservation, please call us before booking in case you wish to use.

■Cooking Room ■Multipurpose Hall ■Arts And Crafts Room ■Computer Classroom ■Manners Room ■Clothing Room ■Music Room
Eastern Elementary School:Mihara 679-3 Tsumagoi Village, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture, 377-1526 TEL:0279-97-3026
Western Elementary School:Oomae 805-1 Tsumagoi Village, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture, 377-1612 TEL:0279-96-0013
Tsumagoi Junior High School:Oozasa 1654-2 Tsumagoi Village, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Prefecture, 377-1613 TEL:0279-96-0009

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