Atelier Pension KIKI



Pension guide

Guest room

Double Room (Western-style room) 2 room
Accommodate up to 2 people.
Twin Room (Western-style room) 1 room
Accommodate up to 3 people.
Twin room with loft (Western-style room) 2 room
It is a room with a loft that is extremely popular among children.
Please be careful about falling down when using loft.
Japanese style room 2 room
Maximum 5 people (large type) 3 people (small type) can stay in each room.
※All rooms are non smoking, Smoking is allowed only in the smoking space. We have prepared a smoking space, so please ask the staff.


You can take a bath for 24 hours. There are two large and small baths, and you can take a bath by renting it out with your family.(Reservation not required)

Collection Room

In this room, you can enjoy the collections that the owner gathered and the superb view from the cabbage field to the mountains. Also, there are refrigerators and a microwave for guests.
As this room is usually open, please use it freely.

Dining room

Breakfast and dinner will be served in this dining room.
Please enjoy traditional meals from the time the pension opened.

Reservation status

Vacancy No vacancy