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About Atelier Pension KIKI

The relaxing space surrounded by Kita Karuizawa's great nature and art

"Atelier Pension KIKI" opened in 1980 with the concept of "the space surrounded by great nature and art work".
Since opening, we have kept this concept carefully for 25 years, and have grown into a pension with a special feature that displays artworks mainly on paintings drawn by owners and up-and-coming artists. In addition, this pension is rare building that designed to be a triangle, and you can feel the art of triangle everywhere, including a bathroom, a sink and a corridor in a pension.

cuisine that have kept the taste faithfully maintained from the time of opening

Tsumagoi village specialty highland vegetables and hamburger and sauce that we blended independently, we are continuing to offer unchanging taste from the beginning of the opening ceremony.
Of course, you can also change dishes if you consult in advance.

enjoyable barbecue with everyone

if you contact us in advance, you can enjoy a barbecue. Unlike entirely outdoors, such as using a water service or preparing a cold drink, it is recommended, because you can save the labor of preparation and tidying up
Please make your early reservation, since you can only use 2 to 3 pairs at the same time.
For more information, please check (Option) Barbecue course.

Experience making konnyaku

Gunma prefecture is a big production area of konnyaku potato. More than 90% of the Konnyaku potatoes made in the whole country are made in Gumma Prefecture.
please feel free to contact us if you are interested in experiencing konnyaku making at this pension.
For more information please check (Option) Experience making konnyaku.

Abundant tourist attractions and leisure facilities

The area around the pension is quiet itself, but also blessed with plentiful sightseeing spots, golf courses and ski resorts, it is also possible to make a day trip to Manza hot springs and Kusatsu hot spring. Please forget the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the fusion of magnificent nature and art.
For more information please check Tourist Attractions/Leisure Facilities.

update information/announce

Taking into consideration the emergency measures by the Governor of Gunma Prefecture due to the spread of new coronavirus infection (request to stop using the facility), in order to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staffs, we will temporarily closed operations as follows.
Period: Saturday, April 29, 2020-Wednesday, May 6NEW
Due to the consumption tax increase, we have increased the rate of the accommodation. We are sorry, but please understand that the rate increases only for the tax increase.UP
Due to the recent shorting of staffs, we will temporarily stop the pickup service during the busy season.
Please take care if you plan to come by train.
For more information please checkhere.UP
Credit card and electronic money are now available for payment at the reception.
For more information please check here.
We had a long holiday, but we renewed it today.
We look forward to welcoming everyone.
The website has been renewed.

Reservation status

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